Want to improve your golf game?

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Float Fact:  Want to take strokes off your golf game?

A commonly known benefit of floating is pain relief.  However, did you know that floating can also help you take strokes off your golf game?

Athletic performance has two major components – physical and mental.  Floating in the anti-gravity and magnesium rich environment makes your body feel pretty amazing after 90 minutes, so you can get out there doing what you love even faster.

The mental part of floating – visualization – can have an even greater impact on your game.  Playing the course in your head, imagining yourself making every shot easily.  Seeing the ball fly further and straighter.  Feeling how your body moves effortlessly through the stroke.  Seeing yourself sink the perfect putt for your best round ever.

Studies have shown that athletes who visualize success have a slight improvement in their game.  However, athletes who visualize and mentally experience the entire physical process of the game improved their performance dramatically.  Floating promotes the generation of large amounts of slow Theta brain waves, which are directly linked to the production of mental images of uncanny power and reality.  *

Come in and play a round here before heading out to the course and see for yourself!


(*Taken from “The Book of Floating, Michael Hutchison, pg 173,175)





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