“Float was great.  Was able to focus on the breath and slow down the racing mind.  Body feels great.  Thanks so much  !  <3  Jill


“Silky Smooth.  Thoughts of all the favourite spots I have been and want to return to with my grandchildren.  I love bringing my friends here to introduce them to the joy of floating.”  Thanks a lot!!  Anna


“Second float ever and absolutely what this tired, pregnant mama needed.  Weightlessness ”  Michelle


“2nd float and it was sooooo relaxing.  Let your mind wander.  Drifted off and woke peaceful & drained.  Now enjoying a relaxing cup of tea.  Thanks so much  !!  Sharon


“Thank you so much was so lovely.  I was so relaxed I forgot where I was.  Sorted out some heaviness that has been on me”.  Thank you – Mollie


“Tried floating for the first time yesterday. It was totally great! My old bones took a couple of seconds to comply and let me get down into the water, then I settled in with a noodle under my knees and just vegged out! The sensation of warm soothing water lulled me into a kind of wellbeing. Music and lights faded away and I drifted off…. could not believe it when the music started up some time later. I would have sworn I was only in the tank for 20 or 30 minutes. It would have been quite a lot later before I voluntarily got out of the tub!! Felt like a massage except without any of the post massage tenderness and even after the shower-off my skin felt soft and silky (great news for this 70ish body) Look forward to experiencing this new pleasure again and again” Ann 


“This was the most amazing experience. At first I was relaxing and focusing on my breathing and heart beat. As I drifted into the peacefulness I began to feel almost euphoric and became so relaxed that I could not even feel the water I was floating in… it was like floating in space. I have heard people refer to floating as a spiritual experience or a high… all I know is I was left this centred calm feeling that I have never felt before. Floating is now going to part of my wellbeing routine!”


“The most amazing experience to date. Floating has changed me, & each float only gets better. The staff are so amazing & the atmosphere is tranquil & inviting:) I highly recommend floating, as it has so many benefits for the body, mind, & spirit. I am so grateful to have our own floating facility in Kamloops!”


“First time ever having a float and it was amazing. The staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome right away, give you a tour of the place, and answer any questions you have right away. They offer some reading, teas, and colouring books before/after floating which is an A+ for me as I like to relax sometimes after experiences like this. I have anxiety/depression, and this definitely help alleviate symptoms even after the first float. Will be coming back for sure!”


“I had my first ever Float Friday night and it was a truly unique experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive about it but I also wanted to stay open minded. After a very detailed orientation I was left on my own with nice and mellow music playing in the background. I got undressed, had my shower, washed my hair and body, put the neck rest and float noodles outside the door of the tub incase I decided to use them, hung the facecloth on the rack inside the door, incase I got salty water in my eyes as suggested, and then slowly got in. The water wasn’t cold or hot and I was surprised at how buoyant I was . The lights were low and the music was still playing and I just laid there. Wow, this feels pretty cool. I could totally stretch out without touching anything. My mind was kind of racing and I was wondering if 90 minutes going to be a long time. Then I started practicing some of the meditation skills I’ve learned over the years and before I knew if I was just happily floating away only. It was dark and the music had stopped. It was very peaceful. My mind kept changing from what I thought was pretty good meditation to thinking about this or that and then back to nothing. I had to change how I held my arms from down beside me, to lightly bent face up by my head, and I found that I had to lift my chin a few times to have the water at the right place on my forehead, which made it feel better each time. I did not fall asleep and the 90 minutes were probably just right and when the music came on it felt good to kind of get back to reality. I was wondering if I was going to be able to get up as I felt so relaxed. When the lights came on I did get up with no problems, had a shower and got dressed. I felt so relaxed and my body felt jelly like. It felt so good. I don’t recall the last time I’ve felt so relaxed. I actually had to fight not to start crying and I think that was just because of how great I felt.
I would certainly recommend this for anyone to try. I know I will be back!”


“I have had a really bad back/hip injury for a year with chronic pain. 90 minutes pain free being in the chamber and allowing my body to remember what no pain feels like is priceless. I recommend it to anyone especially someone suffering from from a condition. Great staff, very clean environment!”