Float Therapy FAQ

We get ALL SORTS of questions about floating and we love them all. Don’t worry, Float Therapy, or Floating is a new experience for many people so don’t be shy about asking us your question – we have probably already heard it at some point and answered it with a smile. To get you started, here are some of our top Float Therapy FAQ.

Do I need to bring anything to my float?

The quick answer is Nope! We provide soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, towels, ear plugs, vaseline and even disposable contact lens cases. We also have a hair dryer on site if you need it after your float.

What if I’m nervous of closed spaces?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you! We totally understand that you may feel a little nervous about the float cabin itself and we have many options to help you feel super safe and comfy.

When you come for your orientation, let us know that you are a little nervous. We will show you the options around cracking the door and keeping lights and music on a little longer. Most people are put at ease pretty quickly once they see how large our tanks are and that you can exit at any time.

float therapy closed space

What if I fall asleep?

Well, be prepared for the most epic nap ever! Don’t worry, we fall asleep in the tank all the time.

The float water is so supportive that you can fall asleep no problem. If you wake yourself up snoring or try to turn over, you may get some salt water in your eyes. While this is never fun, it is likely the worst case scenario.

If you are at all worried about supporting your head during your float, bring in one of our float halos to try out.

I have just coloured my hair. Can I float?

We ask that you wait around 7 days after your salon visit to schedule your float.  Generally, our tanks and our towels are safe from damage when your towels at home don’t show ANY signs of hair colour.  

If you have brightly coloured hair or temporary hair colour, we kindly ask that you postpone your visit even longer. We will still require you to purchase and wear a swim cap. Trust us, no one wants to float in bright pink float water, plus we would rather be hosting floats than scrubbing the tank.

Float therapy hair colour
float therapy spray tan

I just got a spray tan. Can I float?

Short answer – nope. While we love the look of a healthy glow, the float tank is not the place to show it off. Our towels, tanks and the people scheduled after you thank you. Please wait for your spray tan glow to be completely gone before replacing it with a post-float glow.

How are the tanks kept clean ?

The water is fully filtered after each float with our specially designed system that includes a filter,  29% peroxide, a UV light and ozone. We spray and wipe the tank and the shower after each shower with a medical-grade disinfectant after each float.

float tank Kamloops
magnesium sulphate epsom salt

Breathe. Relax. Let go.