about floating Kamloops

Learn a bit about float therapy! We are pleased to offer you the ultimate experience in floating in Kamloops, BC with three float cabins that are manufactured in Canada, by Pro Float Inc.

These state-of-the-art cabins allow the floater to choose the lighting levels inside the cabin, the ability to play your own music playlist via the Bluetooth sound system. The water in our cabins is meticulously filtered and sanitized with a state-of-the-art filtration, and UV and Ozone sanitation system.

Floating began in the 1950’s with Dr. John C. Lilly, a Neuro Scientist who invented the sensory deprivation tank . The National Institute of Mental Health came up with the term “restricted environmental stimulation therapy” or REST.

Floating, or REST is a practice where you enter a specifically engineered tank, filled with water and enough Epsom salts to allows our bodies to float on the surface . The water is kept at skin temperature, making it imperceptible, and the tank is sound proof and pitch black, creating a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimulation from the outside world.

In this environment , our bodies are free to re-direct the energy that it would normally use to counteract the forces of gravity into recuperating and healing. Our minds are free from outside stimulation and therefore have an opportunity to explore deep meditation and tap into creative processes.