Tip from The Tank – Jan 2018

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Water temperature

As you know, water temperature in a float environment is an important part of the experience.  The idea is to have the water at skin temperature so that your body can ‘disappear’ into the water.   We set the water temperature around 94.9 F – a temperature where we find most people are comfortable – but we totally recognize that temperature is a personal thing. We do find that the seasons affect floaters’ perception of temperature, so as a rule of thumb, we usually make some adjustments for the seasons as well.

Here are some tips to help you feel the most comfortable while floating:

1.  If you know that you naturally run hot or cold, we may need to adjust the temperature for you a little bit.  Simply let us know if you need us to make an adjustment, and we will keep a note on your file.   Sometimes a point or two can make the world of difference.

2.  Reduce the temperature of your pre-float shower a little bit.  By more closely matching the temperature of your shower to the temperature of the float environment, the transition is so much easier.

3.  Find a comfortable body position and stay as still as possible during your float.  The air temperature and the water temperature in our float cabins are slightly different.  So, every time you move, your skin adjusts to the water and air temperatures.  So, if can find a comfortable position and stay there as long as possible, you will probably find that you feel warmer.

Hope these help!



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