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Float Therapy | Infrared Sauna | Neurospa

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For the most relaxing experience in Kamloops, come in and try our Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Neurospa. This is not your ordinary spa day. Try one service on its own or combine all three for even more pain relief, relaxation, and deep rest.

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We are open Wednesday through Sunday by appointment only

Float Therapy

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Float Therapy is about everything you won’t be doing. When you float in a quiet and dark cabin that holds 10 inches of warm water and 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt for 90 minutes, some pretty amazing things can happen. All of our floats are 90 minutes long.

Deep relaxation, meditation, pain relief, stress relief, comfort during pregnancy and athletic recovery are just a few of the benefits from floating.


Neurospa Kamloops

NeuroSpa helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation by releasing tension at a deep level of the body.

This Canadian-developed technology uses a combination of vibro-acoustic stimulation, lights and music. The relaxing programs leave you deeply relaxed and the energizing programs are gently revitalizing. 15 and 30 minute sessions available.

Infrared Sauna

Full Infrared Sauna Kamloops

Our Sunlighten full-spectrum Infrared sauna is the perfect addition to your float or in a session on its own. We have a shower built into the private room.

A session in our Full-spectrum Infrared sauna does much more than make you sweat. How does some detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, immunity boosting, pain relief and anti-aging sound?

About Us

We are a locally owned small business with an incredibly passionate team of amazing humans behind the desk. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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  • info@blissfloatcentre.ca
  • (250) 377-7716

Drop By

205-1150 Hillside Drive, Kamloops, BC. V2E 2N1.

We are in the Aberdeen Court complex, across from Aberdeen Mall. Come around the back of the complex and you’ll see us.

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