Float Pricing

All floats are 90 minutes.  We have single floats, packages and memberships for you to choose from.  Gift cards are available.

If you need assistance, please call 250-377-7716 to purchase.  We can accept Debit, Visa Mastercard and AMEX.

Single Float

Relax your body and calm your mind in a single float session.  Experience 90 minutes of uninterrupted Bliss.

$69 each. 90 minutes.

Gift Cards available HERE

Tandem Float

Two people in one tank.   A 90 minute tandem float experience is perfect to share quiet time with someone special and to disconnect to reconnect – a popular date night option.  Also a great option for people needing a bit of assistance.

$89 each. 90 minutes.

Gift cards available HERE

Student and Senior rates

Students and Seniors (65+)

Students and Seniors always float for $49. Simply show one piece of ID.

First responder and veteran program

First Responder and Veteran Program

Active and retired Military personnel as well as First Responders (police, fire, ambulance, peace officer, corrections officers, doctors and nurses) always float for $39. Thank you for your service. Simply show one piece of ID.

Why do First Responders and Veterans float with us? Read more HERE

3-float package
  • Recommended Beginner package.  Our 3-float package is the perfect place to start your float practice and experience the cumulative benefits of floating. Shareable.
6-float package
  • Deepen your float practice and explore what floating can do for you with our 6 float package. Shareable
  • The very best way to experience floating.  (6 month commitment, not shareable)
  • $55 recurring charge for your first float of the month.
  • $39 for additional floats in the same month (pay as you go).
  • Save 10% on our retail selection and essential oils
  • Bring a friend to float with you for $49

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