Float Therapy Tips

In order to make your float therapy experience as enjoyable as possible, here are a few tips to get you started.

Before your float:

  • Please arrive only 5 minutes before your float. Our space is small so social distancing is easiest if we only have a few people in our space at a time. We will check you in, go over the waiver with you and give you a detailed orientation before your float.
  • Try not to shave the day of your float. Razor burn can really sting in the salt water.
  • Avoid large amounts of caffeine before your float. Too much of this liquid gold can make it difficult to relax during your float.
  • We recommend that you eat a small meal or snack before your float. Floating when you are hungry or just after a large meal may leave you listening to your digestion during your float which can be a little distracting.
  • We recommend floating naked. It is so much more comfortable this way, plus we can never predict if the salt will damage your swim suit. If you do wish to bring a swim suit, please make sure that it is freshly laundered without fabric softener.
We provide everything that you will need for your float therapy sensory deprivation session

We provide ear plugs, towels, robes, vaseline and everything else you need in the float tank, so you can travel light .

During your Float:

Enter your private float room, and close the door. Have a quick shower, enter the cabin, lay down and settle in.

Try some slow, deep breathing or simple meditations to help ease into your float. We also offer a few minutes of lights and music if you wish, to help you get comfortable in your float.

Arms over your head, by your sides or crossed on your body are all great body positions for floating. Experiment to find the one that is the most comfortable for you.

Our float therapy cabins are filled with 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt and warm water

Sometimes, people like to use a pool noodle or float halo/pillow for extra support or for a shift in body position. We have these tools on hand if you wish to try them out.

Don’t worry, when your time is up, music will fade in to gently ease you out of your float. We will turn on the light when it is time to exit the cabin.

After your Float:

After your post-float shower, feel free to enjoy your post-float glow in our lounge with some water or tea. Some people like to do a little bit of journalling, colouring or reading before joining the rest of your day.

Relax in our lounge after your float session

Find your bliss… Stay awhile…

breathe. relax. let go.

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