In order to make your floating experience as enjoyable as possible , here are some float therapy tips to remember:

float tank Kamloops

We provide ear plugs, towels, robes, and everything else you need for floating, so you can travel light . Arrive approximately 10 minutes before your float so that we can check you in and give you a detailed orientation to our float centre and our cabins.

Eat a small meal approximately 1 1/2 hours before your appointment. Avoid caffeine before your float.

Enter your private float room, and close the door. Have a quick shower and shampoo your hair (no conditioner please). Step into the cabin, lay down and settle in. Try out various body positions during your float to find the one that is the most comfortable for you

When your time is up, music will fade in to gently ease you out of your float.

Have a second shower to rinse off the salt, get dressed, and enjoy the post float glow.

Join us in the lounge for complimentary tea and water.   Feel free to stay and relax a while to read, draw, journal etc.

Find your bliss… Stay awhile…