Why do Veterans and First responders choose to float with us?

  We respect and give great thanks to our Veterans and first responders. While these high-stress jobs keep our communities safe, they come with a significant cost. Sobering statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have found that occupational stress in first responders can be associated with increased risk of serious mental health issuesContinue reading “Why do Veterans and First responders choose to float with us?”

Floating- the ultimate anti-aging tool.

You have heard of the numerous benefits of floating – reducing pain,  athletic recovery, reducing anxiety and depression, reducing stress. But did you know that a regular float practice is also the ultimate anti-aging tool? You know how it goes – every birthday you notice that you recover more slowly, your smile lines become aContinue reading “Floating- the ultimate anti-aging tool.”

How much energy are you wasting?

Preserving your “Awesomeness” I have a question for you – How much mental energy are you wasting? This question was sparked during a conversation with my youngest daughter in the car on the way to school. I love car trips with my girls – we end up having the greatest chats. In this quick trip,Continue reading “How much energy are you wasting?”