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Kamloops chamber of commerce small business award winner

We won!

At the 2020 Kamloops Chamber of Commerce awards, we were the proud recipients of the best Kamloops service provider with 1-10 staff. Here is our owner Janette accepting the award.

We are completely humbled by the award and will continue to create a ‘ripple effect’ of wellness through our beautiful community.

Our Float Cabins

Our Pro Float Cabins are much larger than many people expect.  They are nearly 7 feet tall, 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. This means that are large enough for most people to stand up and really stretch out in.

The doors do have heavy latches to keep them closed tightly during your float, but we promise that the tank doors do not lock. You can crack the door open during your float if you wish and of course you can leave your float at any time.

float therapy kamloops

The lights inside the cabin make it easy to find your most comfortable float position.

If you need a light during your float, there is a green light inside that cabin that you control.

For more information, visit our Float FAQ’s .

Float rooms

are completely private and have showers built right into them. We include the soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, ear plugs and towels that you will need for your float.

We recommend floating naked, so you don’t need to bring a swim suit. If a swim suit makes sense for you, just make sure that it is freshly laundered without fabric softener.

Float cabin Kamloops
bliss float spa lounge Kamloops


We have water and tea in our lounge. Feel free to sit for a few minutes and enjoy your post-float flow.

Check out our selection of books or spend a few minutes pulling cards, colouring, journalling your pre-float intentions and any post-float thoughts or just sitting quietly.

magnesium sulphate epsom salt

Breathe. Relax. Let go.