Neurospa Kamloops
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Release body tension at a deep level

A relaxation experience like no other.

NeuroSpa helps achieve a deep state of relaxation by releasing tension at a deep level of the body. 

This Canadian-developed technology uses a combination of vibro-acoustic stimulation, light and music married together to promote a state of complete physical and mental well-being.  The relaxed position of the zero-gravity chair evenly distributes your bodweight.  Not only does this provide a very comfortable position to enjoy your session, but it also helps promote better blood circulation while decreasing blood pressure. 

Your session starts when you gently lower the cover and take a deep breath to relax.  Soft sensations help stimulate the body and then move into the acoustic frequencies which communicate with the nervous system to help relieve tension and stress.  Specifically programmed coloured lights and soothing music work with the vibrations to magnify the experience.  

Regular users of the Neurospa report feelings of reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, reduced fatigue, deep relaxation and a long-lasting sense of well-being.

One session of Neurospa will leave you either deeply relaxed or gently revitalized depending on the program that you choose. We offer 15 minute and 30 minute sessions and recommend a regular Neurospa practice to access the greatest benefits. 

Sauna, Neurospa, Float Trifecta

Trifecta Package

For the ultimate relaxation experience, try our Perfect Trifecta package.   If you are serious about relaxation and self care, this package is for you.  For an unforgettable experience,  reserve all three services back-to-back. We advise setting aside some serious post-trifecta chill time after this treatment.  

This package includes 1 x 90 minute float, 1 x 40 minute Sauna and 1 x 30 minute Neurospa.

Regular Price:  $125 (Value $139)

3 x 30 minute sessions

The perfect way to experience the cumulative benefits of Neurospa.  

This package includes 3 x 30 minute sessions.  Energizing or Relaxation programs are available.  Shareable. 

Regular Price:  $80

(Value $90)

neurospa kamloops

Solo float and 30 minute Neurospa

Enhance your float experience by staying for a Neurospa session. Save 15% Neurospa when added to a 90 minute float.  

Regular price: $95

(Value $100)

It was like I was floating in the cosmos in this symphony of beautiful vibrations