More than your average Spa day

Trifecta Package

This experience is more than your average spa day.

We all love a good spa day getting pampered, refreshed and and taking special ‘me’ time.

While your typical spa day feels amazing in the moment, it may not address the source of your stress, anxiety or pain. So, the relaxation is short-lived.

Our trifecta package brings relaxation and stress relief to the next level.  If you are serious about wellness and self care, this package is for you.  

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In addition to reducing pain and leaving you feel refreshed, our trifecta package delivers deep relaxation at the cellular, neurological and hormonal level.

Your 90 minute float eliminates distractions so that you can reach a level of deep relaxation like no other. While you are floating, your body is completely free of gravity, pressure points and external stimulation. This Increases circulation, lowers blood pressure and balances your nervous system. Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow. Deep relaxation helps reduce cortisol and adrenaline.

Your 40 minute Full-spectrum Infrared Sauna further relaxes you in the gentle dry heat. The Far Infrared warms your body deeply to release toxins stored in fat. The Mid infrared reduces pain and speeds the healing process and the Near Infrared helps to repair skin cells and produce new collagen. Increased circulation nourishes your skin from the inside out leaving you with a healthy glow.

Your 30 minute Neurospa session releases deep body tension and balances your nervous system. The specifically designed patterns of lights, music and relaxation are sure to release body tension at a deep level.

After this experience, you will feel deeply relaxed on a physical, mental and emotional level. Come in and try it today.