How my float practice has prepared me for these crazy times 🙃

The global situation around COVID-19 is certainly top of mind for all of us these days.  As much as I dislike writing heavy emails, I thought it was important to share with you how we are addressing COVID-19 in our space.  We are doing our best to make the most of this serious situation with a bit of light humour.  Like everyone else, we are following the recommended actions that have been provided by the authorities, taking extra cleaning precautions in our space, and are asking customers who feel unwell to please stay home.  

The Centre for Disease Control has confirmed that COVID-19 is not transmitted through well maintained pools or spas. We take our water quality very seriously year-round.   We use Ozone, UV light as well as High concentration Hydrogen peroxide in our filtration process after every single float.  We are also wiping all inside surfaces of our float cabins and all other hard surfaces in our space with a medical-grade solution.  

Personally, I am very conscious of trying to decipher what the legitimate advice is, and what parts are full of fear and unnecessary panic. I am also trying to see the light in what can be presented as a very dark situation. My own personal philosophy is that we all have a choice on what we can focus on –  I could choose to focus on the fear, panic and mayhem, or I could focus on some simple logistics, follow sound advice, and follow healthy habits that I have developed over time.  I am choosing the latter. 

In a time when so much media is serious and heavy, I thought a bit of humour was in order.  As I was reading the news, it occurred to me that my float practice has prepared me very well for times like these.  Here is my light-hearted take on how floating has prepared us for these crazy times (including the serious, factual information on precautions we are taking) .

  1. Do NOT touch your face.   One of the first things you learn as an avid floater is, do NOT, under ANY circumstances touch your face during your float.  Those of you who have ever had epsom salt in your eye know exactly what I’m talking about, right?  The burn, fumbling in the dark to get out to shower, the relief when the clean water hits….. This is a lesson that unfortunately took me a couple of lessons before it really stuck, but believe me I’m a pro now! This habit also serves me well outside the tank, as I rarely touch my face, which is a good practice to have these days.  
  1. Wash your hands well and often.  Working in a float centre, we are constantly cleaning all of our surfaces, the tanks, surfaces and our hands.  The tricky thing about the high concentrations of epsom salt is that just when you think that you have scrubbed enough to clear it, once it dries you can still see salt. Ugh!!  So, we end up over-cleaning just to be sure that we get that stubborn salt the first time.  The same thing applies to our hand-washing.  When we think that our hands are clean, we scrub just a little bit more just to be sure.  We are also spending extra time here doing extra cleaning of all surfaces with a medical-grade cleanser.
  1. Like everything else in life, this too will pass.    I take my worries, anxieties, overwhelming thoughts into the tank, and it feels like the salt magically takes them away.  Once I pause for a second,  calm my mind, all of a sudden the things that I was panicked about seem so small.  After my float I can move forward in a calm and organized fashion, focus on my priorities, and carry on with my business.  Floating has been clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, which are all keys to maintaining a healthy immune system.   Being in the anti-gravity environment of the float also allows your body’s natural healing process to work more efficiently by allowing increased circulation and freeing up more resources to staying healthy.  Come and float to help give your immune system a boost.  
  1. If you are prepared, everything is easier.   Before entering my float, I try to prepare myself physically, emotionally and spiritually for the experience.  My preparation is pretty simple, low-key and fits the situation at hand without being excessive.   I drink a tall glass of water long before my float to make sure I’m hydrated, skip the shave in the morning to avoid the sting, put vaseline on any dry cracked skin (usually my hands, because I wash so often – God help me if I forget!!) and set an intention for the float.    We are well prepared to provide a calm sanctuary throughout these crazy days.  Yes, we do have enough toilet paper.  We are also well stocked with single- use products such as disposable cups, individual vaseline packages and ear plugs.  We are temporarily suspending the use of reusable glasses and tubes of vaseline.  In order to leave even more time for deep cleaning, we will soon be closing Tuesday evenings.  We normally close Tuesdays in the summer, but will be implementing this change in hours a little bit early this year.  
  1. Avoid crowds.   I’m not much of a crowds person on a good day, so I typically spend as little time in busy areas as possible.    Floating in isolation is the perfect place to not only avoid crowds, but also reach deep levels of relaxation and meditation, decrease stress and anxiety, and bring on that post-float glow feeling of peace and calm.  On a super busy day here at Bliss Float Centre, we have a maximum of 20 people come through our space in a 14 hour day.  That’s it – only 20 in a day. Even then, we only ever have maximum 6 or 7 people in the building at once.   Because we have so few people through our space in a day, it is easy for us to do regular and thorough cleaning of our space.  
  1. It is OK to cancel plans.  I am guilty of trying to cram way too many things into a day, and as a result I regularly run late ( yes, I admit fully what my friends already know… ).  I have learned to carve out and protect my float time pretty fiercely.  However, sometimes it is necessary to reschedule my float, because I just know that it will feel rushed, or I know that my body is just not into the float today.  Please, if you are feeling unwell, call us to cancel your float.  We are being extra flexible with our cancellation policies these days.  
  2. Practice extreme self care.  Have you heard the saying “Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you”  When you pause, take a breath and pay attention to your body, you might be surprised what you will learn.  The trick is to pay attention when your body is whispering to you, so that your body doesn’t have to scream.  If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, maybe a float is just what you need.  If you are feeling physically unwell, perhaps an early bed time, nutritious food, some time in nature, and advice from your doctor will do you well.  

We hope that you and your family are staying happy and healthy.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out through email at or call the desk at 250-377-7716.

Stay salty my friends,




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