Here at Bliss Float Centre, we love hosting floats for our Pregnant Mamas. There has been a growing trend of floating during pregnancy, and we totally understand why. Floating can take the pressure off your changing body, reduce stress, provide an amazing bonding experience with your baby, and provide some much-deserved rest.

The rise in floating while pregnant has sparked a lot of questions. Any medical questions are obviously best left to the doctors, and we ask that you obtain approval from your health care practitioner before floating while pregnant.

Floating in a floatation cabin with Epsom salts will decrease inflammation and you will absorb lots magnesium from the water, which is an important mineral for a wide range of biological functions. Pregnant woman probably get more relief from floating than most people. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very stressful due to the forces of gravity. Floating eliminates the negative effects of gravity which can cause joint pain, inflammation, and stress on the organs as well as the unborn baby.

The following are a few suggestions to float comfortably while pregnant. It is safe for you to float on your back or your belly. Outside of the cabin, this position would be risky for the health of the mom and the baby, however, in the weightlessness of a sensory deprivation cabin this doesn’t appear to be the case.*

*The risk is related to a pregnant woman lying down on her back (on a float surface, not a float cabin) is due to constriction of blood flow to the placenta and pressure on major veins. During a float, this doesn’t seem to happen because there is no rigid surface to restrict blood flow.

Getting Into a Comfortable Floating Position 

Successfully accomplishing the following positions may depend on factors such as height, body type, and ultimately personal preference:

You can actually lay on your belly while you float, with your arms across the noodle, and the noodle under your chin to keep your face out of the water. Even if you fall asleep, your head will remain supported by the noodle.

Another suggestion for floating belly down in the water is to have you put your elbows on the floor of the cabin and chin in your hands. The depth of the water is approximately the length of your forearms, so your face will remain dry. Some women find this satisfying as the position provides a great stretch to the spine.

You might also be comfortable crossing your arms under your chin and floating belly down in the water, resting your head on your forearms. This is very similar to floating with a pool noodle, and for some, might be preferable. Floating belly down can be a real release of pressure during pregnancy: a lot of the weight of the growing uterus pushes against the mother’s organs, and letting the salt water support this weight for 90 minutes can be quite blissful.

Floating on your back is safe (again, pending approval from your health care practitioner). You could use the noodle pillow under your lower back, but you probably won’t need it. Chances are that the Epsom salt will support you and baby beautifully.

Dads need Floats too

It can be quite stressful and exhilarating preparing for a new baby, and floating is always an amazing stress reliever, regardless of whether or not you actually have another life form actually growing inside of you. Why not come in for a date night.

More questions?

We are here to help! Send us an email or call us at 250-377-7716 and we will be pleased to help you out.


The above information was created with much love and care by our friends at Float Tank Solutions, and is reproduced here with permission.