Float Again

Bliss Revisited

How did you feel after your last float? Energized? Refreshed? Relaxed? Confused?

Maybe you absolutely loved it but want to try again before committing to a package.

Or, maybe the float was ‘interesting’. You weren’t quite sure what to make of it but are curious enough to try it again.

In either case, we would love to see you again. Don’t worry – we get it. Floating, like everything good in life, can take a couple of tries to get the hang of it. We are here to help.

float therapy

Knowing what to expect is a big part of float #2. Going in, you know what you liked in your first float You know what you want to do differently this time.. Maybe you know what it’s like to get salt in your eye and vow never to do that again. By float #3, we find that people really have the hang of floating and are able to reach that deep ‘floaty’ place with ease.

Click the “Book Now” button below and have the code ‘FLOATAGAIN’ automatically applied on check out. You’ll save 25% off when booking your next solo float or tandem float. Ready to give floating a serious test drive? Visit the Store tab to save 25% on a 3-float package.

You deserve some rest, relaxation, stress relief, pain relief and so much more. Book now to make yourself a priority.

Do you have more questions on floating? Check out our Benefits of Floating page. Want to learn more about everything we do? Visit our HOME page. Enjoy!

*(one code per customer. Code is available for booked appointments and packages only and not for gift cards)