• 5 Ways Floating Can Boost Your GPA

    5 Ways Floating Can Boost Your GPA

    Whether you are at University, Trade School or taking any kind of professional development, floating is for you! Are you looking for ways to make the most of your hard work? Here are 5 ways that floating boosts your GPA. Read more

  • The Power of 3

    The Power of 3

    3 is the most basic of patterns. Neuroscience shows us that our brains LOVE patterns. Many people would say that 3 is indeed a magic number. So, you can see that there is little coincidence that we recommend 3 floats as the beginning of your float practice. Read more

  • Managing PMS with Floating

    Managing PMS with Floating

    An estimated 75% of women will experience PMS symptoms that range from slightly noticeable to intense.  Float therapy can help. Read more

  • Floating- The Ultimate Anti-Aging Tool

    Floating- The Ultimate Anti-Aging Tool

    If you are looking to age gracefully, your float practice is a powerful anti-aging tool. Floating can reduce pain, promote athletic recovery, reduce anxiety and depression, and reduce stress. Read more

  • How Much Energy Are You Wasting?

    How Much Energy Are You Wasting?

    The 90 minutes of a float are an investment in yourself. Floating can help you put away thoughts that you no longer need and aren’t serving you – ones that are taking away your energy. Read more

  • Floating for Ski Season

    Floating for Ski Season

    As you are planning your next ski day, why not plan for your float at the same time? Floating can help you recover faster so that you can get out on the slopes sooner. Read more