The Power of 3

the power of 3

So, 3 guys walk into a bar… You know how the joke goes. Would this joke be as funny if it was just 2 guys going out? How about the 3 little pigs. Would the story be the same if there were 5 pigs? Lets not forget about Goldilocks and the 3 bears, 3 blind mice, 3 wise men, 3 Amigos, 3 Muskateers, 3 pointer in Basketball and of course a Hat Trick in Hockey.

3 is the foundation of many spiritual practices – connection of the mind, body and Spirit. Good things happen in 3’s. Bad things happen in 3’s. 3 is the most basic of patterns. Neuroscience shows us that our brains LOVE patterns because patterns help us predict things and keep us safe.

Many people would say that 3 is indeed a magic number, therefore you can see that there is little coincidence that we recommend 3 floats as the beginning of your float practice.

Your first float

Most people have a pretty fantastic first float. It can be a learning experience for many people, and take some time to adjust to the float environment. Maybe it took you longer than expected to wind down and that brief state of bliss left you wanting more. Maybe you felt much more relaxed for a long time after your float, and you crave more.

Second float

When you come for your second float, knowing what to expect is a HUGE part of your experience because you start your float where you left off the first one. You know which props (if any) you like or don’t like. You have a better idea of your preferences around lights and music. Or, maybe you had an unfortunate run-in with salt in your eye and want a do-over (#practicesafesalt). Like any practice, when you come for your second float, you may reach that state of bliss a little faster and stay there just a little longer.

Your Third float and beyond

For many people, this is where the magic begins with the power of 3. Gradually, your body and mind develop a muscle memory and find their state of flow easily. By surrendering to the float and going wherever it takes you, the cumulative benefits of this amazing therapy become clear.

Floating is a practice that gets better the more you do it. Just like exercise – you don’t walk out of your first workout with a 6-pack (I wish!). Similarly, your first yoga class or attempt at meditation will probably feel a little awkward. Practice makes perfect. We recommend that you float three times within the first two months, and also recommend that you book all three appointments at once. We are pretty flexible with our appointments, and can always change them if things come up. In our experience, the work always magically happens. However, self care tends to be neglected unless it is scheduled in advance.

Want to learn more about floating? Learn more HERE

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