How Much Energy Are You Wasting?

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Preserving your “Awesomeness”

I have a question for you – How much mental energy are you wasting?

This question was sparked during a conversation with my youngest daughter in the car on the way to school. I love car trips with my girls – we end up having the greatest chats. In this quick trip, we ended up talking about an issue that keeps coming up for her that she is trying to clear. We were processing it out loud.

During the conversation, I heard myself say “Do you realize, that every time that you stay stuck on thoughts like this, you give away a piece of your “Awesomeness?” The point that I was trying to get across is that you have a choice on which thoughts you want to spend energy on.

When I got to work, it occurred to me that this conclusion is something that my own float practice has helped me with tremendously. Many of you already know that a big part of the reason why I own a float centre is that floating is instrumental for me in managing my own mental health. Through floating, I have come to be incredibly aware of how I spend my mental energy. I treat it like currency. (quick fact, in my ‘former’ life I was an accountant, so I tend to treat everything like dollars and billable hours. This is a hard habit to break so don’t hold it against me – haha). I am aware of where I spend my mental energy, and where I am wasting it.

My float practice helps me put away the thoughts that I no longer need, the ones that aren’t serving me, the ones that are much bigger in my head than they need to be. The ones that leak my energy and feel wasteful. Instead, I choose to put my energy into being present with the thoughts that support me moving forward.

In my float, I often use a process that feels like closing Internet tabs. This is especially helpful when my mind is really racing. I pause the thought, give thanks for its lesson, and tell it that it can GO. Sometimes I work through this process quickly, and sometimes this process takes some time. It helps me arrive a place that is clear and calm.

Those 90 minutes are an investment in me. I am worth it. I want to preserve my “awesomeness” My kids are worth it – they deserve a clear, calm and present Mom. You, my dear float family, are worth it as well.

If you, or someone you know is looking for a pretty amazing space to preserve their own “awesomeness,” give us a call – we have a float tank waiting for you. <3

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