“You Don’t Always Get the Float You Want, But You Always Get the Float You Need.”

float therapy kamloops

There is a saying “You don’t always get the float you want, but you always get the float you need”. This was exactly my experience tonight.

It has been a busy few days. I’m not going to lie – it took some effort for my body and subconscious mind to convince my conscious mind that I needed a float, instead of just going home to bed. I was tired, and just wanted to sleep. What I wanted from my float was some deep physical rest so I expected that I would fall asleep almost instantly.

The minute that I laid back in the water, I became aware of the tension in my face. Almost instantly, the tension started to melt away and fall off me. Before long, my body felt lighter as I released tension that I didn’t even know that I was carrying. Soon, my mind started to clear as well. Thoughts came and went, the clutter and mind chatter were swept away.

What remained were feelings of gratitude. I was all of a sudden so full of love for my children – they are so beautiful inside and out. This week, I had some some loving and supportive conversations that I was able to fully appreciate. I fully appreciate some of the books and articles that I have come across this week with their uplifting messages. I absolutely love my customers and the stories that you share with me – you make me smile. My heart is full. This feeling is exactly what I needed tonight.

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